The Global Market Place II: A One-Day K-12 Teacher Workshop (April 25, 2012)

TIME: 10.00am-6.00pm

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The on-going global economic crisis has done much to highlight the significance of the study of international economics and the interconnectedness of regional and national economies worldwide. UW-Madison faculty, graduate students and regional outreach specialists along with guest speakers from the community will discuss aspects of the global economy, explore the ways in which specific regions and countries have been affected by economic crises, and present resources and opportunities available for the study and teaching of international economics, national economies, and business practices. Specific themes for this workshop include Fair Trade, Microfinance, NGOs, the European crisis and the prospects for the euro.

Participants who chose to take the Workshop for credit were required to submit a lesson plan on the topic of the global marketplace. These units are available below:


Business and Politics in Russia – Yoshiko Herrera, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science and Director, Center for Russia, East Europe and Central Asia, UW-Madison

Europe and Africa: Trade and Aid – Jessica Clayton, Department of Political Science, UW-Madison

Italy: Europe’s Next Crisis – Sanja Badanjak, Department of Political Science, UW-Madison

Fair Trade: a Discussion with Practitioners – Carlos Arenas, Working Capital for Community Needs (WCCN); Luis Eduardo Eras Santin (Ecuador) Jose Apolo Espinoza (Ecuador) Mario Rivero (Peru)  Roberto Gonzalez (Honduras)
Working Capital for Community Needs (Website)

The Big Business of Fundraising: Indian NGOs in the Global Economy – Rachael Goodman, Department of Anthropology, UW-Madison

Microfinance: a Case Study from Vietnam
– Cristina Bain, Department of Sociology, UW-Madison

"Turkey's Economic Integration into the EU: Challenges and Opportunities" – Mert Kartal, Department of Political Science, UW-Madison

"Germany and Living with a Single Monetary Policy" – Liana McClintock, Josef Klafka, Brenna Kinney, Mary Ottelien, Jaia Werner, Madison East High School, Euro Challenge Team



Workshop participants then joined a public panel session on the euro crisis:
Europe at the Crossroads: The Euro Crisis and the Future of European Integration - Featuring:
George Ross, Hillquit Professor Emeritus at Brandeis University
Arthur Goldhammer, Senior Affiliate of the Center for European Studies, Harvard University
Menzie Chinn, Professor of Public Affairs and Economics, UW-Madison


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Registration is required. The workshop is free.
Please complete the Registration form and return it by April 17 to:

Csanád Siklós, Assistant Director
Center for European Studies
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Taking the workshop for credit

Participants could take this Workshop for one UW-Madison graduate credit. There was no cost associated with the credit option. Participants interested in taking it for credit had to register as special students and enroll in the class by April 15th.

Special Student registration and enrollment information is available here.

To receive credit a participant is required to attend the entire workshop, including the Special Seminar, and create and submit a lesson plan on a workshop theme.

The Workshop is co-sponsored by the Wisconsin International Outreach Consortium at UW-Madison.

For more information please contact:
Csanád Siklós. siklos at (608) 265-4766