Information on European Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

The official CES Website can be found at the link below, this is an informational website.

What is CES?

CES brings together scholars from across the campus and links departments, courses, and people to offer further stimulation through symposia, conferences, and guest speakers on a variety of topics concerning Europe. The UW-Madison is home to more than 20 departments offering Europe-related courses.  Students at the university have the opportunity to study almost all European languages.

Past courses at UW-Madison have included:

  • History of Scandinavia since 1815
  • State and Non-State Actors in European International History
  • French Fairy Tales from Folklore to Film
  • Truth, Beauty, Revolution: German Philosophy and Literature 1790-1815
  • The First World War and the Shaping of Twentieth-Century Europe
  • Food Cultures of Italy in the Mediterranean Context
  • Representation of Trauma in French and Francophone Women's Literature and Cinema
  • Food Cultures of Italy in the Mediterranean Context

On-Campus Resources

Resources for research on Europe at UW-Madison's Memorial Library

 National Resource Centers for Europe/Western Europe

Other European Studies Programs

Professional Associations in the US

Centers for European studies in Europe

European Union Sites